As CanvasFlip, for over 4 years, we’ve been working very hard to offer affordable collaboration solution to help producxt designers, developers, product managers collaborate better across the team.

After keeping it a secret for a while.. we’re excited to announce that CanvasFlip has been acquired by Freshworks Inc.  and we will continue to build great products and delivering world class customer experiences at Freshworks.

Visual Inspector free version will continue to be available in Chrome Webstore. However, Prototyping and collaboration solution will be discontinued.

We are extremely grateful for everyone’s support in the journey - from our customers, evangelists, partners, investors and most importantly - team, friends & family.  

In the last four years, thousands of product teams used various CanvasFlip products helping us to not only keep the business running but also inspired us to build better products.

Heartiest  callout to our early believers- Rahul Saini (PayTM), Aakash & Jay Dutta ( MakeMyTrip), JP (Tech Mahindra) for helping us take off the ground.

This journey was never possible without our exceptionally supportive Investors  - Girish Mathrubhootam (Freshworks), Pallav Nadhani (FusionCharts) and, Raghav & Anant (BVP) with our incubators/evangelizers - Ravi Narayan (Microsoft Venture), Abhishek Gupta (Tlabs), Ravi Gururaj (Nasscom).

Needless to say, there are many who selflessly helped us during moments of challenges - Anshuman (MakeMyTrip),  Sridhar (Startup Movers) and Abhimanyu (Tlabs) among many others.

Startup ecosystem is driven by paying forward. If you feel that we can help your entrepreneurship journey in any way, please feel free to reach us.

That’s all folks!

- Manish & Vipul From CanvasFlip